Shooting Star!

Never give up on something
you can’t go a day without thinking about – Winston Churchill

Sleepless nights filled with thoughts of something that
didn’t happen the way it was supposed to happen, have lost the only thing that
you ever wanted, tons of tears that keep flowing which only leaves scar on the
pillow, the if’s and but’s that keeps pricking like thorns all over the brain. All
those billion neurons connecting to the brain seems to have lost connection. What
next? Is it worth, tearing up your brain apart so much for something that
didn’t happen because of you, what has your brain done to you for you to give
so much pain? All it does is listen to you and this is how you return the
favour, well we humans are that way. We always take things for granted when
they listen to us.

Life is not a movie or a fairy tale; shit happens, bad things
happen to good people, people lie, truth won’t conquer everything, time will
not fix things, thing’s don’t fall in place; there are no happy endings always.
Most of the times we do not want to accept this, we always wait for things to
happen, and we wait for the nature to give us signs. It is not wrong to be
positive, but it is wrong not to be practical. Say if everything falls in place
and the wish comes true, we will have another set of list either linked to that
wish or a new list of wish which we wish to again happen naturally.

All of us do have a wish that we wish to have around us, a
wish for our dreams to come true, a wish to be with someone, a wish to travel
somewhere, a wish to read some book, a wish to learn some dance, a wish to cook
some dish and the list never ends. As a kid, I remember the superstitions we
believed that the wish would come true when you pray while a group of cranes
flying, praying while you see a shooting star, or blowing a dandelion to make
the wish come true. Wish all these
happened in real! If it did, nothing would be hard right? If it isn’t hard, we
wouldn’t know the value of the wish that came true.

If we need our wish to come true, we will have put efforts
to get it done, we will have to make things work, we will have to put things in
place, we will have to set time for it, we will have to create happy endings.
All that we need is a little courage, that extra step that we need to take; we
need to take the leap of faith, we need to come out of the comfort zone. We are
just like the air in bubble wrap, to set ourselves free we need to be torn

How I wish it happened the way I thought! Everything was
just falling in place like I ought, I was about to smile and wake up that the
wish came true; hell I realized that it was just not true! I have just been
dreaming all day and night, wondering if the nature would shower some light. Wish
that is deep inside locked in a cage; it will come out one day with rage. Going
through all the pain behind the bars, it will be all twinkling like stars.

Top: Levis, Shorts: Mumbai Streets, Slippers: Goa Streets, Neck Chain worn as Anklet: Oriflame




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