for sure enough even waiting will end…if you can just wait long enough.-William

While I was looking for a place to shoot after a very long
break, it was totally worth the wait. Found this place close to my office, with
an empty ploughed land, few coconut trees, tractor, pile of limestone powder,
scrapped filled in room, and the highlight was the rusted cycle lying down with
weed grown around it!  And a really sweet
dog which guarded us from the stray dogs, an old couple who were helpful and
let us shoot there.

It so happens most of the time when you are stuck on the
side of the road where there is more traffic and the other side looks all free;
when you are in a restaurant waiting for a table, everyone who has a table
seems more happier; when you are waiting in a queue in bank for really long,
the queue next to you seems like moving faster.  When we know that we still have to take the
same road that we have been stuck in, when we know we need to wait for the
table, when we know we have no choice other than waiting in queue; we still
look at the other side.

May be the empty road on the other side is waiting for
vehicles to pass by, may be the people on the table would be sad thinking about
finishing their delicious meal, may be the manager who is handling the queue on
the other side has diarrhea and need to close the entire counter! When we look
the other side, it always looks nicer as we are not on that “other side”.

It’s mostly the wait that kills us as we are too much in a
hurry to reach the destiny or we are busy looking the other side. While we
forget most of the time that the wait or the journey will be worth it once we
reach the destiny, rather than looking the other side; cherishing our journey
would give more happiness. While we are waiting for something or someone the
wait would really seem very longer, if the wait is worth it so will be that
something or someone.

Journey towards what you want seems longer,                                              when it gets
closer your heart beats faster.                                                        The joy that you feel when you get what
you want,                                              it is worth the wait which almost you didn’t want!

Dungarees, Bracelet, Two Finger Ring: Mumbai Streets, Shoes: Bata, Crop Top: Koovs, Neck Chain: Church Street, Lipstick: Lakme




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