There is no end to
grief and there is no end to love!-Bono

So Marriage!
Rings a bell? Hell yeah, why wouldn’t it ring! There are lots of devotees who keep
ringing this in my head; it feels like my head is stuck in one of those huge
bells. My parents ring it, some of my close relatives ring it, some far off
uncle and aunt ring it and of course few friends as well! At some point they
do get tired and I get a chance to finally remove my head out. My ears would be
bleeding, brain would have blocked, entire body from head to toe would be numb
and only beep noise that keeps ringing around my head is “Marriage”! 

Would be sitting in a corner hugging my legs tight with my
bleeding ears thinking, currently why has marriage almost become a need, why do
I have to be married like everybody else, why can’t I live alone happily with
my dance classes, travel plans, eating & sleeping the way I want. Digging
on the reasons why everyone else want me to get married doesn’t matter,
thinking on why I do not want to get married is what matters. When everyone
says to do something is when I feel like not doing, to test what happens if I
don’t get married.

Over a conversation with my friend Nikhita discussing about
marriage, who is always on her wheels to get me hooked with some guy, she
doesn’t even mind if I get hooked with a guy who likes her! I told her Marriage
is logical but Love is not. Love is Instinctive, Marriage is Planned. Marriage
is directly proportional to love, you need to love someone to get married or
get married and love someone. Like every other girl/boy who do not want to get
married and still keeps thinking somewhere in the corner of the mind, maybe we
can if we find that “right” person at the right time we can consider to get married,
yes Iam one of them too.

Again, the question arises! Who is the “right” person, what
If I am right and my other half is also right! Wouldn’t that be too boring, I think
I need the “wrong” person whom I can fight with by finding each other’s flaws. I
need someone whom I can feel that I can spend my whole life with even with
those silly fights, I need someone who will not let me go out of his sight even
when I am mad at him, I need someone who I can make smile when he is mad at me.
I am not a petrichor; I don’t expect to be loved by everyone, may be just by someone,
that wrong someone.

In the end, I would just think it’s just one short life.
What can go wrong so much that you need to over think so much about marriage.
Just go grab that guy/girl who is driving you crazy, kiss and burn some
calories. Fall in love again when they come closer; take revenge on the harsh
thoughts that was all running in your end. Say that you can be in love too!

Dress: Zara, Earring: Soul Sante, Armlet: Street store from Goa, Boots: From a really sweet old couple in Mumbai.




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