the environmentalist in me vs spiritual self in me!

For those of you who have been following my blog (iamblackwildflower) since its Inception, let me address the Name change first – A few months ago, like I always say. A major shift happened in me, which you must know if you have been following me on Instagram. One of the biggest changes was when I started sharing about my growth on my personal page, I was sharing it from the view that my Journey and growth has to help someone, somehow. And one day, this girl messaged me saying, she feels motivated and healed whenever she sees my posts. I still remember that day, when I got so emotional, that it is indeed helping someone.

Last week, I made a formal announcement on Instagram that I am a Coach and how it happened. Again, I don’t really know how it happened, so every time I write captions on my personal page It was flowing out very naturally and I was not really feeling like I have put effort into this. At the end of the caption, I started to mention “Yours Consciously” Sneha like how you put out in letters you know, like Yours faithfully etc.

One day, I was just randomly seeing if I can update my Instagram handle from iamblackwildflower to yours.consciously and it automatically got updated.

So, it’s just for the sanity of everyone and myself that we are all on the same page on all accounts, I decided to change the name of the Website and the Podcast too.

Now, getting into the real story.

As most of my childhood was spent in my village, I developed a close relationship with Nature, with Mother Earth. Apart from the Galaxies, Stars and Universe that excited me as a kid in school, topics like Pollution, different types of them, how are they caused, Ozone layer; all of it got out the Environmentalist in me as a kid.

I still remember, when we bought the refrigerator for the first time, telling my mother that these machines release harmful chemicals that form holes in the ozone layer. I always preached to throw garbage in the dustbin, I would never ever throw anything out of the bus window while travelling and would quite often advise people also not to do the same.

Plastic was not much of a big issue back then, but littering always was. I would always throw the garbage in the designated place and keep the surroundings clean and neat in the locality where we grew up.

Fast forward to many years, to look back from my travelling days as a travel blogger since 2016, my thoughts and decisions to travel sustainably was always keeping Mother Earth at first. The past year, whoever I came in contact with who are spiritually aligned, all of them always said how they all got super close to Mother Nature after their awakening. Then, I kept wondering, if I was always spiritual since I was a kid.

So this is the thing, we are all Spiritual beings. As kids, we don’t think from our rational minds, this is why they say Kids are Gods.

Also, I always have loved every animal/insect/bird that I have seen since I was a kid and it has been vice versa too. Okay, I might say something that might creep you a bit so sorry in advance, Snakes have always found me attractive and vice versa. Of course, whenever I went to my village, I would always spot snakes, I have seen them dance, I have seen the shredded skin everywhere and that fascination lead me to say to everyone, that I want to have Snakes as pets one day in my life.

So this school I was working on earlier was located in the mountains and of course, there were snakes and of course, I attracted them. I don’t want to creep you out if you haven’t already, the first time, there was this Juvenile snake under my skirt, the 2nd time, I had just come back from travelling to another city, I switched off the lights and went to bed, in few seconds I heard something falling on the floor, I put on the torch and saw a snake had fallen from the roof, right opposite to my bed, the 3rd time, I was enjoying an evening and then I saw this really big fellow who had caught a frog and was just lying around and enjoying his/her evening!

Yeah, so again all spiritual humans said you are more inclined towards animals and animals find you attractive, so here you go, I was spiritual all the time then!

But, I was raised in a hardcore Non-vegetarian family so I have eaten animals and I also wanted to be adventurous as I am a foodie and I was in that mindset, that I have to try everything before I die kind of one. Well now, the good news is I am a vegetarian, again eating Non-Veg was something that I was not completely drawn into. It was a little tough to say no in family gatherings. But, the last 2 months I noticed my body was always being weird, and I would have stomach upset every time I ate non-veg so I decided to listen to my body!

Again, going back to my childhood and my time in the village, My Grandmother raised a good amount of chicken, at the same time, we cut them and ate them too. So I have been on both extremes, I have felt and experienced the playfulness of a Chicken by playing with them, watching them lay their eggs, watching the baby chicks come out of their shells, I have also witnessed their heads being chopped off and collected the blood.

I have come to peace with it now, to live in the memories of playing with the chicken. Also, this is not the first time of me going Vegetarian. In my college days, I attended this workshop and saw cows being slaughtered and I went vegetarian for  2 years straight and on a trip to Kerala, I saw this fried fish, I got tempted and switched back.

But this time, it is definitely for good. I am not switching back again unless I get stranded on an island like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

Yours Consciously


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