Time’s set to medieval age here in Sri Lanka @ Galapita Rocks!

Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I paused; I could hear something when I reached a far off unknown land. It was my blood rushing through my veins; I knew I was going somewhere far, really far! Wheels of the bus start gliding on road through a forest, I knew I was going somewhere far, really far! My eyes didn’t want to rest for a second admiring nature; there is an elephant on one side and a dancing peacock on the other side! I knew I was going somewhere far, really far!



My backpack & I stepped out of the bus after 30 minutes of this warm welcome by nature, I knew I was going somewhere far, really far! Celebration of my arrival continued opening up to glittering corn fields, sun shine was sprinkling on the corn turning to golden lights that was beaming till a far off lake. Locals were greeting me with their beautiful smile, kids were peeping through the trees throwing a shy smile! I knew I was going somewhere far, really far!


Dry leaves were mizzling on me as I entered Galapita Rocks; I stand still watching the colorful leaves on ground. Those colorful leaves turn into beautiful shoes, I take a step ahead with a grin on my face looking at the hanging bridge. Gems in the river were crawling up forming a tiara; I slowly move my fingers on the rail of the bridge and start walking. Wind swirls around me with beautiful beads transforming to a gorgeous gown! I knew I was going somewhere far, really far! I was in the medieval age!



I was so mesmerized by the whole place and when asked about the history: It was started in 1995 by Mr. Rukman De Fonseka who found this land near Buttala while traveling with a friend, this land was then used for slash and burn cultivation by the local farmers. Mr. Rukman designed this whole place and was initially used as a place for a getaway with his friends. Electricity came to this village only few years ago, this place was then converted to a yoga & meditation centre. It is also a famous spot for river bathing; this river is located by the side of Gem River called Menik River which runs till Kataragama temple. Once a barren land is now home for Teak, Palm, Mango and many trees, Galapita means “Rock on a Rock” which is visible from this place and hence named Galapita Rocks!




Vibrantly lit room with antique pieces, soothing noise of the gushing river, pond with lily pads next to the bed, crystal stones throwing light to the room, courtyard to relax gazing at the huge trees forming a pathway for river to pass, a place to read/write, moon light sprinkling the entire place! I fall asleep with a smile as moon sways its reflection on the pond.




My eardrums were knocked by the screams of peacock and my eyes were softened by the gentle sun rays!
Open shower with dry leaves on the ground, like I was showering somewhere deep in the forest!
Yoga by the river, breeze to chill my soaked skin! What more can I ask for?
Tree top was setup to have a bird’s view of the entire land, also to witness amazing sunrise or sunset!
Every gem and an antique piece found around this area are showcased in this Museum, Agasti!
Take a dip in the river crawling through the rocks, if you are lucky you can find some gem stones! Luck was all I had when I reached here 😉




The Crystal Lounge, Dining area is no less with the antique pieces and crystal stones surrounded. Lip smacking food is served on mud plates, and every meal was unique with the touch of taste cooked by locals. I don’t have to justify anymore that I was treated like a princess!



One of my favorite spot here was to sit and gaze at the sugarcane field for hours while I spotted a monitor lizard and a dragon in the sun!

Friends who gave me company as I was gazing at the sugarcane fields!
Full moon day is called as Poya, which also calls for a public holiday in Sri Lanka.
What’s with me and the love towards antique pieces, they are just a sheer beauty! Untouched!



*I was hosted by Galapita Rocks, I have just been too lucky!


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  1. Wow! Super awesome 😃
    Loving your write up more and more… Keep going! Gud luck 😀


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