Sacred hill in Ramayana, Peace & some Beaches @ Silva Tree House!

Our Peace shall stand as far as rocky mountains-William Shakespeare

Ramayana is one of story that we Indian kids grow up hearing to by our grandparents or parents or on a TV series; we all know that Sri Lanka plays a major part in Ramayana. As I got into the Tuk Tuk to go to my next destination, driver Kumara started telling the story about this hill Rumasalla & yes it was part of Ramayana.


When Ravana kidnapped Sita, he hid her around many places in Sri Lanka to avoid the very strong Hanumantha. This is one of the hills where Ravana hid Sita, Laxmana (Rama’s brother) who came looking for Sita was injured and Hanumantha did not find any medicine for the cure, he went looking for it in Himalayas. He carried the hill and came to Sri Lanka, while he was flying pieces of the hill fell in few places and one of them is in Rumasalla. Every plant/tree here is supposed to have some medicinal quality.

As Kumara was sharing the story climbing up the hill, I was gazing at the trees and went back to my childhood imagining all the characters of Ramayana that I remember seeing in the TV series. Noise of the engine of Tuk Tuk stopped and I stepped back to reality, as I got down there were 2 smiling ladies waiting to greet me and there was my destination.



At the first sight when I looked at the house, it looked like a gift wrapped by trees around and tied with branches as a ribbon. I released a branch and stepped into the gift, it appeared like I was in illusion when I walked in. I slowly take steps on wooden floor; I see the reflection of trees & myself on the glass walls. Like a magical gift that I walked into, it took me few minutes to realize I was still in the normal world! John calls this magical gift as Silva Tree House.



Next day morning, I woke up to the peaceful prayers from the nearby Japanese Pagoda, sunlight sneaking through the French windows, not too far away ocean. I open my eyes slowly and stretch my arms as the cool breeze from the trees sneaks in.

Dining Hall & Lounge at the roof top!
Traditional Sri Lankan hoppers for breakfast
With a view like this, it was too difficult to come out of the shower!
Could capture Silva Tree House on my way back from the short walk!

I always chose to stay in eco-friendly places, I was happy to know that there were no trees cut when this house was built except for one tree that was removed as it was rotten. Water used here is only rain water; they are working on setting up the electricity to be completely solar. It was learning for me and also surprising to know that the sewage here runs through the natural filters like stones & gravels.

As always, on my morning yoga!
Japanese Pagoda & statue of Hanumantha on Rumasalla hill!


When asked what is so unique about this hill, John mentioned; Sir. Arthur C Clarke, a renowned British science fiction writer had a holiday house in Rumasalla because of the strong magnetic meridians passing through the headland. Magnetic Meridian is an equivalent imaginary line connecting the magnetic south and north poles and can be taken as the horizontal component of magnetic force lines along the surface of the earth. Therefore, a compass needle will be parallel to the magnetic meridian. Fascinating isn’t it? Of course, even I didn’t know what Magnetic Meridian means; explanation mentioned above is from Wikipedia. Another surprise, this hill also attracts more lightning than anywhere in Sri Lanka.

Walk does seem like how Leonardo finds that secretive island in the movie Beach!
Just one of those days when Sun chose to swim 😉

Jungle Beach and Unawatuna Beach are both are at walkable distance from Silva Tree House, although me not being very beachy person; I preferred to walk to Jungle Beach as the walk through jungle sounded exciting. It is about 15 minutes walk and I totally felt safe through the Jungle, it was the first time where I walked through a jungle alone. Fear of not being safe on one side and the noise of waves hitting my ears on the other side kept me walking.

Let this gift be unwrapped with many more surprises all along.

*I was hosted by Silva Tree House; you have to stay here to witness some more surprises.


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  3. […] Sacred hill in Ramayana, Peace & some Beaches @ Silva Tree House! […]


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