Unplanned Plans!

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it-Paulo Coelho


In my school days, I remember when we were asked to draw India Map; we would also draw Sri Lanka along. I use to wonder while drawing, what must be in this small place and how lucky those kids would be to draw such a simple map. Whenever I wanted to visit this place, there was always someone with a “meh” face stopping me saying it is similar to India. Guess this time, I wanted to get the answer myself that I had since my school days and I didn’t want others to stop me in doing what I want to do.

I have never liked planned or packaged trips, I cannot adhere to plans made by others and that is why I prefer to travel solo. Over a conversation with my friend Eeshani is how I randomly booked flight tickets, from booking tickets to whatever I did there; nothing was planned. As this was my first time going to a different country alone, I was of course scared! I had caterpillars in my stomach crawling all around; after I booked my tickets I didn’t bother much with my plans. It was only when there were 2 weeks close, I thot I will make some plans. But all I did was stare at Sri Lanka map, read few blog posts, shut the laptop and go to bed.

There was something in me stopping not to make the plan, I wasn’t feeling comfortable to make a plan, book a place to stay, check where to eat. I didn’t want to do any of these, all I wanted is to just go and see how things work. Everything else that happened on this trip, people I met, places I visited just worked out even better than it would have if I had planned.

My earlier rough plan was Negombo->Galkadawala->Sigiriya->Polonnaruwa->Nilaveli->Kandy->Ella->Hikkaduwa->Colombo

What happened there Negombo->Galkadawala->Sigiriya->Kandy->Ella->Colombo

As I stepped out my feet from the plane I could feel the warm air entering through the pores of my skin. The sense of happiness on my face, Caterpillars I had in my stomach for the past few days had been going through Metamorphosis.


Wild Flower


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