View from the train from Colombo to Palugaswewa (Galkadawala)!

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Railway Station in Kandy, first time for me to see a railway station where there is an end or should I say beginning! 🙂

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I have always loved Train Journeys, there is something really special of those metal boxes which are linked to each other and run on small tires on a metal track. That noise of the engine is not annoying to me, the movements while sitting in the train is like a lullaby. I was very impressed with the railways in Srilanka; the links from one town to other is pretty good and I traveled only in 2nd Class trains. All over Srilanka I mostly traveled in train: From Negombo to Colombo, Colombo to Palugaswewa (Galkadawala) and Kandy to Ella. All these train journeys have been incredible and the best train journeys I have been in so far. All you could get to see is trees, banana plantations, fields, lakes, lagoons, rivers and yes I saw a Crocodile too!

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Kandy to Ella or Ella to Kandy is supposed to be one of the best train journeys in the world. I now pledge that it is the best train journeys I have been in so far, it is like I have been in a fairyland. Train literally passing through the clouds, rivers flowing with mostly Pinus trees around, tea plantations, waterfalls, fields, moving through more than 50 tunnels, lush green on whichever side you turn around.

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The trees were all in love cuddling with each other, my camera was feeling shy by clicking their pictures; my hair was getting curled up even more with the cold breeze. The mist was kissing the trees, trees were dancing with the chill breeze, trains tichik tichik noise was like a background music, audience like me were all happy and grinning with this mind-blowing performance by nature. While drizzles were dripping on my face, I had goosebumps in my brain wondering how nature can be so beautiful!

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This 6 hours journey, 6 hours of my time, my lifetime is gonna be bookmarked forever.


Wild Flower


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  1. Reading this blog and the super beautiful pics makes me feel I should never miss visiting this place! Awesome part of the blog I loved 😍

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  2. Yeah! You should visit sometime 🙂


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