Ponder with WildFlower

6 MONTHS OF WITHER! - Whether you think you can, or you can’t-you’re right!-Henry Ford This morning when I looked at the calendar, I went like! Damn, it’s the 20th!  The 20th of April is when I launched Wither and it’s been 6 months now! Phew! The Ups and Downs, the Decisions, the lessons learnt, the wins, the losses; at […]
Grief Talk! - A week ago, I lost one of my Kitten, Flora. When I used the word “Lost”, some of my friends thought she went missing. No, I did not mean she went missing, I meant she passed away. That’s when I realized, how we all associate differently through words when we lose someone. How we feel differently, how we grieve differently.
Wither - Decide what kind of life you actually want, then say NO to everything that isn’t that-BOB PROCTOR Hello All, I am taking this opportunity to introduce my brand, Wither. Firstly, today we have completed 1 month on this glorious journey of creating clothes that we love. Secondly, celebrating these cards as I have my name […]

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