How we live in a Lack Mindset in this Abundant Universe!

A few months ago, a friend of mine shared this Ted talk with me about Abundant Mindset, I remember this opening statement the speaker made “We live in an Abundant Universe and yet still live with a Lack Mindset”. This is 100 % true, and I don’t necessarily mean Money when I say Abundance.

The actual meaning of Abundance if you look in Oxford Dictionary, it says as “A very large quantity at something”, “plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity. It can be a tree that is abundant with leaves, an Ocean that is Abundant with water, or Humans Abundant with Love.

But we are so deeply conditioned to live in the lack mindset, we unconsciously develop many habits that are blocking the flow of abundance coming our way. We create stories in our mind, that are told to us by our parents or society and those form into habits and just spreads around like wild fire in all areas of our life.

I just want to share a small story on how I realised, I was living in a Lack mindset. So, the place where I live is in the suburbs of the city, it’s been 2 years now since I have been living here. So, the water supply is given by the government and it fills up the tank once a week and this is operated externally, over which I have no control, so I do not know what time of day the water comes in, it totally depends on the guy who is operating it and his mood I guess hahahah.

Since the time I have moved here, there have been many times where we have been short of water and we had to buy it from an external source, by paying money. The outside source is also not so reliable, so I was kind of unconsciously always anxious about water getting over.

Now, here is the twist, there are a lot of monkeys living around my house and during summer they come on all our house terraces and turn on the tap to drink water. After they drink the water, they do not turn off the tap and I do not go to the terrace often, so the times I don’t go there have been water flowing out for hours. This has happened a couple of times, and I would be so anxious about it. My mean mind, would come up with weird solutions to close the tap somehow, so the Monkeys cant open it and I did not do it coz I realised how selfish I was to not share the water with Monkeys and to be in that fear of losing water.

Oddly enough, the day when I scripted this, that morning when I went to the terrace I saw the tap was on,  its cloudy and rainy these days and  I had assumed that they come for water only during summer, see I somehow manifested this hahahaha

Anyway, I kind of understood that I was in the lack mindset so every time I caught the water running out, I kept telling myself, it is not a waste, the water is still going to the ground and it has helped the Monkeys too. Here’s the surprise, after I started operating this way, since that day we have not had any issues with shortage of Water.

There is one more thing I realised about this when I was a kid, in the area we were living in, we had water issues, we had to fill in water in pots from a distance and I have seen my mother and other ladies protesting on the road with pots so I realised that this was the one that I was holding on to. Because we did live in fear of losing water and I remembered that. So, I was constantly in fear of losing it!

And when we did get the water supply, my mother would just hoard all possible pots and drums. Every week, she would spill that water and refill it again, this is an extreme case of being in a lack mindset. Even though we were sure of receiving water every week, she would still be stressed and hoard water more than what was required.

It wasn’t just about the Monkeys opening the tap, whenever I do see running tap water anywhere, I do get really anxious and nervous and want to yell at those people who have kept the tap on. I was always under the impression that I was doing this, coz I am an environmentalist and Save Water and all of that, but see there is a much deeper reason behind it.

Here’s another story,  so I do not have Wi fi connection, I use my phone data and I have a daily usage limit. Ofcourse I don’t use the complete data every day, and on the days when I don’t use it, at the end of the day, even when I am tired, I would force myself to watch something on Netflix or prime or youtube so the data gets exhausted. This is the mindset coming from, I have spent the money so I have to completely make use of it.

Anyway, hope you all get the gist on how we may be acting in the lack mindset without even realising and all of this will be blocking all the other Abundance coming our way.

We attract whatever we have in our subconscious so keep a watch on your daily practices, your daily habits, which areas you may be acting a little stingy, and how & what made you behave that way.

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