You define your success!

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Woooo, it’s almost been 4 weeks since my last episode-there are many reasons why there was a gap, and one of the biggest ones was my health. Something alarming happened 2 months ago and I was in that zone. Nothing to worry about, I went for a test and I am all fine now but this story definitely deserves another blog post.

Now getting back to the topic-Success, tell me who does not want to be Successful, we all do. But, oh yes, there is a but. Do you want to be successful or do you want to be Famous or do you want to be Rich? What is it that you want?

Wait a minute, aren’t they all linked together? When you are rich, you are automatically Successful in what you are doing and that makes you famous.

Well yes, that is right. This is what I have been chasing too and that’s where a realisation hit me that I was chasing. I was going with the flow of how Society defines Success, extremely egoistic, leading with masculine energy and being so rigid that I want to be Successful in a certain way. I started a business this way, wanting to be a Millionaire in one-year hahahahah

Again, I am not here to say that there is something wrong with Successful People. With my experience the past one year, what I have learnt is-we all as humans need to be fulfilled with “what we are and what we have in this moment”. If we are not fulfilled NOW, at this moment, no amount of money or fame or success will ever be enough for us.

Say in my case, I have mentioned many times that I wanted to be Rich because I just wanted to run away from this house as I wanted to run away from my Father and my Brother. Although at that time, it seemed like a quick fix and I was influenced a lot by the concept of Self Made Woman-this may offend feminists but that’s my truth.

And now, I am sitting here and saying that I am glad that did not happen so quickly because even in that other house where I would have moved if at all I had gotten rich; I would still be carrying all the traumatic past with me and I still would have lead an unfulfilled life.

A few days ago, before drifting off to sleep, I had this download about Success and that’s what inspired me for this episode. There is no one fixed definition of Success, every day you waking up is a Success, every day you cooking for yourself is a Success, you moving from saying “I can’t” to “I can” is a Success, and you smiling and spreading Joy to others is a Success, you planting a seed in your garden is a Success, you receiving  1 Like on your Instagram Post is a Success, you moving ahead even when your reality looks nowhere closer to your dreams is Success.

That one small step is Success.

I can go on with it hahahah but you get the point, You define your Success. Don’t let others do it for you, don’t even let me do it for you. You do it for yourself.

It is quite easy to fall into that trap especially these days when you are constantly being fed by so much information on Social Media, and everybody else’s success stories. I have been there, I know how it feels. I use to always feel that I am unworthy of deserving Success, that’s why it’s not happening to me and something is wrong with me and constantly comparing myself with others.

A year ago, I barely could move from my bed, I was terrified of facing the camera, I had extreme levels of Body Insecurity, and I had high levels of anxiety. I was in a constant Survival mode and now a year later I am confident in speaking in front of the camera, bloody hell I have a Podcast which was not even part of my plan and I so much enjoy doing this; sharing my story and my journey with all of you.

This is Success for me, This is my definition of Success, the improvements, being Self Motivated when nothing is going my way is Success for me, those 10 views on my reels is Success for me, I define my Success now and I am not giving that control to anybody else.

Everybody’s story is different and everybody’s journey is different. So is your Story and so is your Journey.

Enjoy those tiny steps that you take every day, it may seem tiny now but eventually, you will know how big of a step that is.

You Define your Success and be kind to yourself in that Journey.

I will end this blog post with the great Dalai Lama’s quote: The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.

You can listen to the same story as a Podcast Episode too, available on all major platforms-Conscious Stories with Sneha.

Yours Consciously



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