Whether you think you can, or you can’t-you’re right!-Henry Ford

This morning when I looked at the calendar, I went like! Damn, it’s the 20th!  The 20th of April is when I launched Wither and it’s been 6 months now!

Phew! The Ups and Downs, the Decisions, the lessons learnt, the wins, the losses; at this moment while I am typing now, I barely can even remember all the things that didn’t go well as I planned. Because everything else happened otherwise, worked out even better than what I had imagined.

I carry this pride always, that I am the first Entrepreneur in the family, and as a woman who is not married in a Conservative family, still sticking to my decision of starting a business even after multiple opinions that came in, this itself is the biggest achievement for me.

Although, I lived most of my life on my terms regardless of what family/society said; I was still very unsure about me running a business. I had zero qualities that an Entrepreneur needs-low self-esteem, Under Confident, Not sticking to goals, Name it I had it!

I have studied MBA in Marketing yet Sales petrify me! The idea to sell a product and ask for money for it was traumatizing.

I had to work on every single aspect that I was lacking, including Social Media. I did not know how to sell the products on Social Media.

Along with this, there were so many challenges that came in-I had to let go of the tailor who was working for me, I had to lose money due to some bad decisions with choosing the wrong people!

There was one thing that I told myself when I decided to start the business, no matter what happens, I am not giving up!

I stuck by it, Yes there were sleepless nights and I have cried for days! I had to push myself to move out of the couch, sign up for courses to help me get better at selling. Work on my skills to introduce new products, scream in the bathroom every day that “I am Confident”!

End of the Day, it was not about the business! It was about me, all the stories I had created in my head about myself, that I am not worthy of achieving anything in life had to be proven wrong.

It was never about others who bullied me, who made fun of my business, who humiliated me of my choices!

It was about me to stick to my decision and prove to myself that I am worthy of everything this Universe has to offer!

It did, I am in a much better place now. I am Happier every day, I am chirpier than I was ever in my life, I am improving on my confidence and my other sewing skills!

Most importantly, I am kind to myself.

I am a better person than I was yesterday!


Wild Flower


4 responses to “6 MONTHS OF WITHER!”

  1. This is inspiring for me and I can totally relate🌸


  2. I am happy for you Akka seeing you as a entrepreneur . Keep going and all the best with your work.



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