Batman & Buddha

Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves, up-Mr Thomas Wayne.


The day I saw Batman Begins (Not at all because of the Janata Curphew-only for “Indians”)

I am not a superhero fan, hence avoided watching Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. People who know me and my theories of life and my prejudice towards humans, also being a movie buff, it is quite surprising for anyone to believe that I haven’t watched Batman series. After Joker was a huge hit, the pressure from a friend to having me watch Batman series was quite high. And then came Corona/COVID-19 and Isolation and the dark times. So, the best time to enter into a void filled with darkness. Right? Well, so ready to fly?

Sunday it was, also declared as Janata Curphew in India due to Corona/COVID-19. Being in isolation mostly, this didn’t mean much but it did mean that I am not stepping out to even buy chips. Now, getting back to the actual talk, I did all the cooking and opened my laptop at 12:30 pm with brunch in my hand and laptop on my stacked pillows to watch Batman Begins. I drew the curtains for the “Dark effect”(to avoid glare-just say it) and the Batman Begins.

Guess what, halfway through the movie. Something creepy happened, blazing hot sun slipped away and dark clouds entered. There was thundering & lightning, darkness all around. Looked like the universe was trying to tell me something. Hire Morgan Freeman maybe?

A Little Background

Every movie/series that I watch, I always relate to the scenarios that happened in my life or to something that may happen in future.


For example, when Master Bruce falls into the well and sees Bats fly, it reminded me of a Bat baby that I lived with, in my room. She did no harm to me, once I saw her hanging on the fan and she flew as soon as she felt someone was around and I covered my face with arms exactly like how Master Bruce did.


Getting back to the Movie

Master Bruce leaving his wealth behind and walking away reminded me of the book “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse. More so like Buddha’s life rather, which Master Bruce was trying to live. His clothing, his travels, his lifestyle and his quest in search of the meaning of existence.

Personal Thoughts? Huh! Or Learning Outcomes maybe(I work in a school you see, Ssshhh)

You always fear what you don’t understand-Batman

There are contradictions in me all the time, about compassion & vengeance; about love and hatred; about forgiving and revenge. We live in an evil world like many says, but what’s evil to me may not be evil to you. So who defines what’s evil and what’s not! Or if it is a real evil as defined by “Global Oxford Dictionary”, how do we win over the evil? By compassion, so if we are nice to Evil, the Evil will be nice to us? Then why are they called Evil il if they can be nice!!! Compassion does the magic, perhaps?

As I was typing this, the almost last scene from “The Dark Knight” of two ships appeared in front of my eyes. Compassion does have some power and so does hope to believe in compassion.

For many years I believed if anybody is bad to me, I will be bad to them. This is how they will know how being bad feels like. After a few years, I realized, hang on! If I am bad to them, they will again be bad to me and to someone else and this goes on like a chain and we are filled with bad people so this is not a solution. Probably if I show compassion to those people who are bad to me, they may be turn out to be good.

Right now, I am stuck in between both of these theories. In many instances of my life, when I have responded with revenge, it has helped. It may have not helped them, but has helped me in terms of Self-pride and satisfaction. I will just worry about myself and my happiness, who am I to change the world. A Batman? At the same time, being good has also torn me to pieces that I am still trying to collect to make it one. Because good things always come with a cost you see?

I would be lying if I don’t mention, how much I savoured seeing Joker being hopeful about the crackers flying in the sky (Ships bursting). Sadist eh? and also thankful that the crackers didn’t blow up in the sky. See the contradictions?

I hope I have left with enough worms in all your head to scratch and pull it out!


I do not really have any clarity after watching these movies either, the contradiction still lies. So for now, I have decided to be both Joker and Batman, use the masks effectively as and when needed.

Anyway, we are all wearing a mask all the time! (Not the Corona Mask you guys, phew)

You all know, what!

But, it still tickles me, if Batman had anything to do with Buddha.

What do you think?


Wild Flower


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