Pursuit of Happiness

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life – Omar Khayyam


Some of us live our life by doing what we love and some of us live our life by doing what we are trained to do. The way we live is chosen by ourselves; there may be many reasons on why we chose a specific lifestyle but it all calms down to “Happiness”. All of us strive for excellence at work, eventually, it is for “Happiness”. The things we buy, it is for “Happiness”. The course of events that occurs to us or the planned events-we wish that it leads to “Happiness”. Happiness does not have one definite definition; it is a way of life.


One such way of life I found was in Meemure in Sri Lanka, the first few hours I spent I noticed that everyone looked very happy; their eyes were filled with contentment. As the day passed and Crickets broke the silence, I took a sip of coconut arrack; I asked my host Navaratna Aiyya. I sense a great feeling around here; I have been beaming since the minute I reached. Everyone looks happy, he said we have everything that we need here; we don’t need more than this and hence we are all happy. The next day is a new day again he said, sips his drink and laughs.

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A murmur of happiness in the air was getting on to me, drowning myself in every breath I was gulping. I could slowly feel the change in myself; I was engulfed in that moment forgetting my existence. I was happy; that is all I can say. I could articulate the way of life they live here, I was part of their meaning for happiness.

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Most of us tend to forget that happiness is always around us, we are blindfolded by the materialistic desires that we assume gives happiness. In this process, we get into a race chasing happiness and end up in a vicious circle. Instead, pause for a second; live in that moment, enjoy the little colorful life, experience the catharsis.


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4 responses to “Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. You have beautifully defined happiness! I just loved it! stay happy always girl 😘

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  2. Thank You, you too 😘🤗


  3. Happiness should be a religion and nature should be god. Nice post. I hope those villagers share happiness with many people.

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  4. Very true, well said 👏🏽 Yes, I hope they share too 😁


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