I walked into a painting @ Kikili House

Color creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of the painting-Kiff Holland


Take a Canvas, spill some colors and swing it around! That’s how this place was made, in one of the very quiet roads in Galle. I stepped in with swollen legs, eyes craving for sleep and shoulders begging for some rest; restlessly I sat on the colorful couch lifting my head up; I could hear my shoulders screaming thank you, my eyes weren’t blinking watching the colors on the roof, my legs giggling by the tickle from the colors on the carpet.




Henri & Kokila swung these colors on 1st August 2012 and called this painting as Kikili House. Kikili means Hen in Singhalese; each room is named after different species of Hen: Plymouth Rock, Orpington, Wali Kakula, Faverolle and Silky Bantom. Each color on every art in these rooms opens up to greet you with a smile.





Detailing at every corner is so neatly done; there is no place where the colors are spilled outside the line. From the curtain holders to the lid that covers a mug, from a kitchen with quirky posters to an open balcony with a calm place to do yoga, from a living room where the colors dance to the seat out where the colors romances with light!

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Yummy breakfast at Kikili House!
Stroll around the Galle Fort, few minutes’ walk away from Kikili House.


Let the Kikili keep cackling brightening up the colors every day! Let the colors keep opening up and bring smiles to every soul that pass by!

*I was hosted by Kikili House, envy? Well, don’t, pack your bags and walk into this painting yourself!


Wild Flower



5 responses to “I walked into a painting @ Kikili House”

  1. Such a cute colorful place! Treat to d eyes…. Neatly summarized!


  2. Such a colorful place.. bound to bring cheer! I would hv just sat and eaten my way through life there while I see you are on your yoga ways!!


  3. Thank You! Haha, I did eat a lot as well 😋


  4. […] I walked into a painting @ Kikili House […]


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