Until Next Time!

Some stories begin when you leave them behind!-Sneha Marappa



1326+1 days ago a restless bird came here looking for a place to live, she came with a fear if she will ever find a home, and little that she knew this place would be more than her home.  Everything here looked so dear; she assumed this was the home she has been looking for all these years. She developed a comfort zone with all the birds she met around, she painted her feathers to look bright & colorful, she was all smiles, and she walked around miles with glory.

She was passing by a mirror looking how colorful she was & dancing with joy. That day it rained, she was just in her own world, romancing with the raindrops. She looked at the mirror, color on her feathers were all oozing out with the water. Feathers were shedding & her wings had gone weak, she was losing herself, she had forgotten she was meant to fly.

She developed another fear yet again that this was not her home too, she was too afraid to leave the comfort zone, but the comfort zone by then had started growing thorns. With her feathers shedding, her body was spraying out the blood with the thorns pricking. She spent months, wrapped herself in the corner with a fear to fly, she knew if she wouldn’t fly she would just fall.  She decided to step out to feed her feathers and start flying and she is now stepping out to fly into her world.

She will make sure she will smile at you whenever she spots you around this small world.

Thanks to all who were with her in the comfort zone, thanks to all who helped painting her feathers, thanks to all who were “still” with her in the comfort zone, thanks to all who made her realize wings are meant to fly, thanks to all for being with her in reality & virtually, finally thank you RAIN for making her realize who she is!

Disclaimer: Characters in this email do not hold any resemblance to the people alive or drunk!



Wild Flower


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