Wandering Memories in 2015!

We don’t remember days, we remember moments. –Cesare Pavese


I started 2015 in Mangalore lying on the terrace, watching the sky lit up with crackers, thoughts running through my head of few things that never worked as it was supposed to, still with a strong head I decided at that moment that I would be traveling to some place every month this year.

Slice of Heaven: Chikmagalur


Chikmagalur, most of my friends call it as my second home and also my first love that stands closer to me in many ways, this is the place where I went on my first solo trip. Love towards this place is so much; I have been here thrice in 2015. Why do I go here so often? I have no answer, which is why I call this place as my love. Mountains and greenery all around is such a treat that all the senses wake up to experience this beauty.


Highlights: First Solo Trip & a stay in tree house, Bumpy Jeep ride through Bhadra Forest, Jagara Waterfalls

Hidden Treasure: Valparai


I was experimenting with my travel type, I have never liked too crowded places; tourists spots is a no unless there is something exceptionally interesting. While I was thinking where to go next, one of my cousins had shared an article about this place Valparai. This place appeared like exactly the kind of place I was looking for, not commercialized yet and most importantly not so touristy either. I did a research, immediately packed my bags and left to explore this hidden treasure alone. Hanging out with the hosts, listening to the leopard spotting stories, midnight drive through the Ghats still hits a chill through my spine.


Highlights: Not commercialized, best Black Tea in the tea factory, beautiful bus ride through the Ghats

7 Days of Serendipity in Sri Lanka


Just over a random conversation with a friend of mine is how I decided to go to Sri Lanka, had I not gone on this trip I would have had a biggest regret of my life. This place has it all, from beaches to forest, waterfalls to lakes in every village, hill station to a calm city. I was all in love with this place since the first step I took after the flight landed; I knew that there is something that will be changed in me for good. Such nice and warm people here, who are always smiling and greeting you with joy which makes you, stay here for longer.


Highlights: So much greenery & so peaceful, Great Hospitality, Clean & Beautiful

Love you: Bangalore/Bengaluru


There is no such joy to be a traveler in your very own city, thanks to my friend who dropped by. There were many places which I hardly knew that existed here in Bangalore/Bengaluru. I was brought up here and I still remember seeing so many trees, awesome weather, so less traffic and now everything seems changing with only apartments, not so good weather and so much traffic where life decisions can be made.


Highlights: My own city so everything here is nice, super friendly people, yummy food

Take a Bow: Kerala


I visited Kerala twice in 2015, Alleppey & Kochi with a friend in September, and Solo Trip to Calicut and caught up with few friends in Wayanad. In Alleppey, Time just feels still; palm trees bowing at the back waters, house boat ride on those still waters just feels like even the time holds still to watch this beauty. There was nothing much I explored in Kochi due to time constraint, but Lulu mall was just an experience to see an amusement park inside the mall.

Like every time, traveling solo to any new place still is a bit scary; Calicut seemed scary too initially but I was totally lost with the places I tried to explore. Although, like I mentioned I do not like too crowded places or tourist places but what more a city can offer; however Calicut was always on my list as this is where Vasco Da Gama landed when he discovered the route to India through Ocean. Since the day I studied in school about him, I always had this wish to see this place. With so much excitement to have finally seen this place, I went towards the greener side of Kerala: Wayanad. Stayed in a place amidst coffee plantations, which was new to me as I always thought Wayanad had only tea.


Highlights: Beautiful Backwaters, city where Vasco Da Gama landed, Lush green everywhere


Wild Flower






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