Discover Yourself in Calicut/Kozhikode!

I am not afraid of the darkness. Real death is preferable to a life without living.- Vasco Da Gama


Vasco Da Gama was the first to discover the route to India through ocean landing in Calicut on 20th May 1498. This was the line I remember studying in school and the only thing I knew about Calicut, while I was talking to my colleague about going to Calicut he mentioned about Vasco Da Gama. I instantly went back to my school days, history was one of the subjects that I never liked much, but I still remember studying about Vasco Da Gama and I was all excited to know more about him. I have admired him and would wonder the struggle he had to go through to find the route through ocean back in 1498.



Although traveling to any city doesn’t excite me much, I had to land here for one my friend’s engagement. Finally with plenty of research, found about this village called Elathur which is about 10 Kms from Calicut. There is a canal that runs through this village; I spoke to few locals there who live on the income that comes from fishing.



About 5 Kms from here is the Kappad beach where Vasco Da Gama landed, there is an ancient temple which is supposed to be older before Vasco Da Gama landed here. As per the locals, it is 800 years old, I was standing here and gazing at the beach. I then closely observed that there is a heart-shaped formation on the sand. Was the nature telling me that they love me too?



For my next long travel, I have been thinking to travel only through the ocean. Never had I thought, Vasco Da Gama would be another inspiration. If he could do it 600 years ago why can’t I do it now? This is what travel teaches you, you would never know where and whose story would inspire you to keep going, keep achieving, and keep inspiring.


I had read somewhere that there is a monument showcasing Vasco Da Gama’s discovery, I should admit that I was a little disappointed with this monument which almost went unseen even after passing twice on the same road unless someone pointed to me that was the monument. If you are excited and curious to know about this monument too, don’t be. Here it is!



A little disappointment, more inspiration, more excitement; with all the mixed feelings in the brain I headed towards Beypore Fort, another beach closer to the city has two piers built till the middle of the ocean. The two old piers opening arms till mid of the ocean, waves coming over with the rush to hug them, the sun getting a little jealous watching their romance! I need not say more, no wonder Beypore Fort is one of the romantic getaways!


Sun had already set by the time I reached there and had left the traces in the sky that he was there and had just left. There were too many people around me and I was still all alone connecting to the waves, sensing the vibration in my nerves, eyes opening up widely to gaze at the brightly lit sky. I guess that’s the difference between nature and people, nature would always connect with you: however you are, wherever you are, whatever you are.



After such relishing meal filling my eyes with beach and sunset, I had to close it with a dessert and went to the SM Street to taste the very famous Kozhikode Halwa available in different colors/flavors.


Wild Flower


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