Hello! 2016, How you doing?

Fight your fears and you’ll be in Battle forever; Face your fears and you’ll be Free forever-Lucas Jonkman

Brewery called District 6 in Bangalore/Bengaluru

Started with New Year’s Eve at my home working on a blog post about the city I grew up in with beer and wine giving me company, on New Year’s rode about 35 KM’s to a brewery alone just to tick off the list that I have been to all the brewery’s in my city. 2 days have been passed since then while I am penning this post, I haven’t stepped out of my house and neither the sun nor the moon has seen me. I have just been on the bed without taking a shower, going through my favorite blog post of Shivya Nath, watching my favorite series friends, listening to some music, binging on Beer, Wine, coffee, and whatnot, working on some plan, taking a nap and the plan changes again.

Trying to shell some thought in Kappad Beach

Most of you who are following my blog posts already know that I am quitting my job to be a nomad; well it is not that easy it sounds. So I had a plan to make a plan during this holiday season and most of them who know me personally also know that I don’t like planning any of my future plans. It has always the Unplanned Plans that has worked for me. So this is where I need to have a fight with my brain, with long-term travel plans ahead I need to make a plan but my tiny brain doesn’t let me to.

My itchy feet took me to Tusharagiri Falls in Kozhikode/Calicut

In my unwary situations like these, I tend to share the rant with few of my friends. Sometimes, whom you expect to be more supportive would not even bother much and sometimes whom you least expect to be with you will open their arms to vent out. There are also some unexpected strangers from nowhere send me messages saying they love what I am doing and that is what keeps me motivated to keep going.

Solitude in Tusharagiri Falls

I have also received sarcastic comments from my friends about my unplanned schedule all the time, but I guess that is how it works mostly for Indians. When they travel they need to know which place they need to go maybe few months in advance, book a flight ticket even earlier as it will be cheaper and a lot more reasons. Well, for me traveling has always been an instinctive decision. I can’t randomly choose a place with 3-night 4-day packages and book a ticket, I would rather go to a place and stay how many days ever I want to if I like the place.

Little Adam’s Peak in Ella

When I was in Ella in Sri Lanka, I had 2 more days left to get back to India. I really wanted to visit Galle but I had to take a 7-hour bus to reach Galle and would just have 3 hours left to see around Galle and head back to Colombo to catch my flight back to India. I did not do this as just seeing a place for few hours was not exciting, I rather chose to stay in Ella and hung out in a local bar with the awesome Sri Lankan people and few other friends I met there.

View through the tire, not my lens!

Sometimes there are tears in my eyes that nothing is going well, most of the times a big smile on my face that this too shall pass and I will definitely come out of this situation very soon. If the ride is not bumpy, where is the all the fun right?

So, exactly on the 61st day from now, I would be leaving my job! Yay! And step Into the wild! Anybody has the same plan like me, do drop a comment below 🙂


Wild Flower



4 responses to “Hello! 2016, How you doing?”

  1. Gud luck to every plan of urs n wish to see you fulfill your dreams 😀


  2. Yippee! now its 60 more to go!


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