Soul Search: Galkadawala!

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Maulie who owns this beauty purchased land here and have this beautiful setup right in between a jungle, surrounded by a beautiful lake. We had conversations from traveling, politics, religion, food to marriages. I have an inclination towards antique pieces; the kind of art and paint on the walls, interiors in the rooms, open (firewood) kitchen everything formed to be an antique piece which is one of its own kinds.

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Being a foodie needless to mention, this is the best vegetarian food I have had till date. Most of the dishes here are cooked on fire wood; every meal/snack I ate was unique and super tasty. They make Jaggery and this sweet syrup (Kitul Pani) out of this Palm tree called Kitul nut. I sipped the coffee and took a bite of the Jaggery, that’s how it is supposed to be had. Later I had this yogurt made of buffalo milk along with the sweet syrup; I just couldn’t get enough of it and requested Maulie to serve me this the next day as well.

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These two boys took me around to show this beautiful lake, with the silence all around, literally one of these guys walking in front of me and other one walking behind me. It took me few minutes to get them together for a picture.

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I sat by the lake and meditated for a while; peace is what I had around me. Sun was almost wrapping up for the day, birds chirping, gentle wind cooling the lake, trees moving with the flow and their reflection on the water. I was trying to figure out if the tree was moving or it was the water, there was one dry tree amongst all the green trees which dragged my attention while most of the birds were resting on it. Extreme levels of Solitude with only birds, animals, and nature around, Paulo Coelho is right: if you really want something the entire universe will help you to achieve it; yes universe was all around me and this is what I had wished for. While I was relishing on my dreams, could sense someone tickling my stomach. Oh, it was those caterpillars turning into colorful butterflies 🙂

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Thanks to Shivya Nath’s post, I wouldn’t have found this wonderful place if not for that.


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