Rock & Roll: SIGIRIYA & KANDY!

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Sigiriya also called as Lion Rock is one of the world heritage sites. There was a palace earlier on this rock and underneath. It has about 1500 steps as told by one of the locals and took about 2 hours to cover the whole place. On the way when you climb up, you get to see some amazing paintings. Also, the paw of the lion which is on the next phase while climbing up read that head of the lion was collapsed a few years ago.


This is how palace was placed on top of the rock!


Palace underneath the rock!


View from the top of the rock of the pathway leading to climbing up the rock!

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While climbing up the rock, wherever you stop to take some breath you get to see trees laid like a bed all around which are surrounded by hills and few lakes. It looks like this island is immersed in a green knitted woolen blanket by spreading the warmth to the eyes.

While I was browsing through Airbnb, found these Capsule sleepers that caught my eye. I had decided that I will stay here when I am in Kandy; Kandy is one of the largest cities in Sri Lanka. There were only 2 reasons for me to stay here, 1 was to stay in Capsule Sleeper and the other one was to take the train from Kandy to Ella. Even though it is one of the largest cities, every shop here shuts by 6:30. It turned out to be one of the beautiful nights I have spent so far. That night met these amazing Australians who were strangers then but more than best buddies now who surprised me with the Snickers as a birthday cake.


Here is how these capsule sleeper’s looks like, it has a light, charging point and a small fan. These sleepers are placed on the roof top with this incredible view of the whole city, looks even more amazing in the night when the lights are on, I tried to click the pictures but couldn’t give justice to my eyesight.

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As mentioned earlier, I love antique pieces and this fan looked really different which had bulbs instead of wings.


Wild Flower


5 responses to “Rock & Roll: SIGIRIYA & KANDY!”

  1. Oh wow, these capsules look perfect for a solo trip! What with them being on the roofto and waking up to a view!


  2. It surely is a bliss 🙂


  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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