Love at First Sight in NEGOMBO!

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The airport is located in Negombo and not Colombo, Colombo is almost about 35 Kms from the airport so I preferred to stay in Negombo. The noise of waves hitting the shore was like an alarm waking me up, went for a short walk by pushing my feet inside the sand to feel the warmth and gazing at the waves. Fishermen were getting prepared to go fishing; I continued to walk around while sand was crawling on my feet.


Negombo was earlier colonized by Portuguese and then the Dutch. When you walk around the roads in Negombo, the way roads are laid and the buildings on both the sides give the Dutch vibe. A traveler friend joined along for a short cycling tour. While I started paddling cycle, sun rays striking my eyes, smelling the pollution free air, clean roads, ever smiling people all around. This place was definitely Love at first sight for me, every lapse I take on the paddle I kept smiling and smiling even more. Wings that were hidden on my shoulders were opening up, I could sense the freedom that I always wanted and I was indeed a free bird.

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Negombo is famous for fishing and their huge fish markets. I have never seen these many varieties of dry fish and such a huge market which has only fish everywhere. Along with the fish market, there was also a market for clothes and daily needs which was more or less like a flea market. Later went to relish on my first meal in Sri Lanka. For Vegetarians, food in Sri Lanka would be a feast, the meal was more or less like an Indian meal with a different taste in spices where there was rice, dal, drumstick curry and ladies finger dry fry.

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One of their famous non-alcoholic drinks is EGB (Elephant Ginger Beer) which can be found all across Sri Lanka. While savoring the food and the drink we spoke about India and Israel. It so happens in Israel, it’s mandatory for everyone to be in the military for 3 years which I did not know earlier. I later went for another cycle ride in the evening with an Austrian friend I met; while we were riding we spotted the sky in orange. It was sun spreading the shine all around the sky and on water, reflection on the water seemed like the sky was floating on the land.



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