Fairyland: Ella!

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While the journey to Ella was just so more than beautiful, I was pretty sure this piece of land would be even more beautiful and I was not too surprised. Stayed in a budget hotel and later hiked with another Austrian friend I met for about 7 Kms to Ravana Waterfalls. On the way to the falls, all we could see is valleys and rivers flowing by, green mountains standing up and cheering while we were walking.

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Little Adam’s Peak is in Ella and was about 5 Kms walk from where we stayed, the next day morning we went walking up the hill and stopped over a place for a cup of tea and this was the view from there.




Australian friend whom I had met in Kandy joined us too, while we continued to walk through the tea plantations, I still remember an old lady passing by smiles and say Hello! This is one nice thing that I have to mention about people in Sri Lanka, from a young tuk-tuk driver to an old lady who is plucking tea leaves will all have a smile on their face and would not forget to greet you! On my way from Kandy to Ella, I spent most of the journey with a family who was continuously feeding me food all the time 🙂

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While we started hiking up, we were mesmerized by the view that we saw everywhere. Clear skies, triangle-shaped hills, lake and waterfalls that was somewhere at a distance. Those clouds moving from one corner to other like they were passing letters from one hill to other. Those few hours I was living in a fairyland.

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Noise of the waves woke me up like an alarm

little I knew waves would be opening its arm!

I came here in search of something

you made me realize I had all in me that I was looking!

You have been knit by green wool

looking at your beauty my eyes were full!

Mist was kissing the trees

trees were dancing with the chill breeze!

You made me experience Mother Nature’s lullaby

fell asleep on your lap like a baby!

Only in dreams have seen a fairyland

you are much more than a dream to see you this grand!


PS: Thanks to a friend for lending his camera to click this beautiful island!


Wild Flower


7 responses to “Fairyland: Ella!”

  1. Ella is such a bliss! “fairyland” is the perfect term coined! 🙂
    The poem you have written is awesome! Wishes for the blackwildflower to keep blooming 🙂


  2. Thank you Smitha 😀 Means a lot 🙂


  3. Amazing beauty !!! 🙂


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