7 Days of Serendipity in Sri Lanka!


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Go cycling around this beautiful city, check out the huge fish market, swim in the ocean and witness the beautiful sunset.


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Get lost in the woods, experience the antique vibe in the modern era, chill around by the lake, show some love to your taste buds with the yummy vegetarian food served.

Sigiriya & Kandy!

8 9 10

Climb over this lion rock which was once a palace and now one of the World Heritage Site, feast your eyes with greenery laid down like a bed. Later on, rest those eyes in the capsule sleepers in Kandy.

Train Journey from Kandy to Ella!

11 12 13

Have seen fairyland only in dreams, well if you take this train your dreams will come true. You will be in a fairyland for 6 hours, I promise!


14 15 16

While you will be moving in the train to Ella in the fairyland, when you are in Ella you will be actually living in the Fairy Land.

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