Slice of Heaven: Chikmagaluru!

A Good Vibe leads to a Good Start!-Sneha Marappa

Chikmagaluru has always been on the top list of my favorite places with the best of the climate that you can ask for, mountains stretching all around, waterfalls that you can see after every few meters on the road, the fog that hugs your body with the chill breeze where goosebumps too would feel good. I would never get bored to visit this place; my friend’s call it as my second home but I call it just like home. I have been going through a lot of blogs since many years and this travel blogger Shivya Nath is one of my favorites who had written about how to start solo traveling where she stated to start a solo trip with a known place that you are comfortable with and there you go, I knew which place to start with.

Been wanting to share this post from a really long time but there was something holding me back, maybe my conscious somehow knew I would be visiting this place again and again.

I have been to Chikmagaluru twice earlier so have pretty much seen most of the places around. As this was my first solo trip, I just wanted to feel comfortable in one place and come out of my hidden fears. I have always been scared of dark and staying alone, I really had to come out of that fear. One of my friends referred me to stay in this place, Devigiri Homestay, which had everything like I wanted. As comfortable as I want to be and as adventurous as I can be.

This is the tree house that I stayed in where there is no electricity, solar lamp is used instead and is about few meters walk in the woods from the main area. It was luckily a full moon night; there was moonlight peeping through those tall silver oak trees. I managed to walk all through gazing at the moon by telling thanks for shedding the light while I walked!

These pictures are from a short trek that I went through the estate I stayed in, got to witness the spectacular sunset amidst the mountains bidding goodbye for the day.



On the last day of any travels that I have gone so far, I have always felt wish I could stay longer. But on the last day of this one, I was very happy, there was a smile around me that kept saying this is not the last day, it is a beginning of many other travels in future. I made a promise to myself that I would never stop traveling and it will always or mostly be alone.

Green on the ground and green all around,

You made us swirl like a cloud.

All our senses had its feast,

You are a beauty and the beast.

Slice from heaven that came through rain,

You make us fall in love again & again!




6 responses to “Slice of Heaven: Chikmagaluru!”

  1. Lovely post ~~


  2. Awesome! The pictures are such a treat to the eyes that I feel I must go and visit the place! 😀


  3. Thanks Smitha, I am glad it did and you surely should visit 🙂


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