The two most important days in your life are the day you
were born and the day you figure out why.-Mark Twain

I did get this idea to do this for all of your birthday, but
my lazy ass said just finish it off all at once on your birthday. Hahaha!

So I am doing this for 3 reasons:

1: Because it is my birthday!

2. Because I am away and you shouldn’t forget my birthday!

3. Because I love you all, I swear I do!

Jokes apart, a small gesture to show how important all of
you were and still are for me to keep going with what I have started and have helped me in giving the shape that I never thought would be born at all. One
common thing will all of you is, the first time when I met you or saw you I had
thought I would never be able to be friends with you all but it turned out to
be the other way around.

Wonder Wash room|Bincy|Spinal Cord!

All thanks to gallons of water that both of
us drink which led to go to Wash room very often and which led to us smiling at
each other awkwardly. Now even with distance relationship we maintain we are
still as good friends as we never thought we would be. Bincy, you are the only
person whom I can talk about anything and everything and even if it is the
deepest lame shit that I am talking about, you would still have all the
patience to listen to. She is the Spinal Cord behind the idea of me starting
the blog!

Air in Aerobics|Sherly & Nikhita|Wings!

Lady on my left is Sherly, who most of the
times gets me on my nerves and at the same time knows that how much ever I am
pissed with her, I wouldn’t let her go. She is my first Photographer, Mentor,
Proof Reader and in the end a bit like my mother who keeps irritating me most
of the time but knows that I love her and I know that she loves me like her kid

Lady on my right is Nikhita, until I met her
I thought I was the only one who laughs loudly and make people around me
uncomfortable. This girl is always busy in setting me up with some guy, even
though she is younger to me she does know how to handle me so well with all my
shitty problems around! Oh, also all credits to her for all my photos, why? You
would know in sometime. I wouldn’t have been able to fly so confidently without
these two wings!

Ink Master|Shailesh|Brain!

This bony artist who shows off that he is one of my
biggest fans doesn’t even have a picture with me! Meh! So I decided not to
reveal your identity without me 😉 who always texts me to check if I am fine
and co incidentally I wouldn’t be fine that day! However, if it wasn’t you I
don’t think I would even thought to put in effort of something that I always
thought I would suck at. Like Buddha who had his enlightenment under Bodhi
tree, it was in his studio terrace where I had my enlightenment and hence the
Brain. Never let go of that place maccha!

Magic Lens|Sravan & Mohon|Eyes!

Like the above two ladies who are like my wings,
these two men are like my eyes! Not sounding filmy but that’s the truth. If they
don’t see me through their lens and click my beautiful pictures (self-obsessed
me); I wouldn’t able to do reach even half of wherever I am now. Its Nikhita
who introduced me to Sravan over a FB chat, even though it was Sravan whom I
first spoke to and shared all my stories, due to his work schedule it was
mostly with Mohon I had to do most of my shoots. Both these guys have all the
patience to carry out their passion perfectly and they will definitely reach
some heights with their talent one day! Please do remember me and this post

Hate->Love|Smitha & Triveni|Heart!

Triveni how much ever I try to hate you for
not giving your GF(Sneha) enough time like you use to before, hate is only been
converted to too much love and I know you love me too. You are busy with your
married life but I know and you know too that we are always there for each
other when needed and the “best” you ever gave to me is Smitha.

Super talented, Super creative and Super
patient Smitha, we got along really well as we both are day dreamers and it’s
only her who can understand and relate to the secret BF I have. Ssshhh Smitha,
let it remain as secret unless you give it to me as a gift. We both are on the
same boat most of the time in most of the scenarios and I know for sure that we
will sail together till we reach our destiny. I always have this Hate->Love
relationship with my heart just like you both, and I am sure you two can
understand what I really mean!

Yoga to Long Island|Prajna & Madhuri|Skin!

At an unusual place is where I met Prajna, Yes!
While learning yoga, I did learn but not her 😉 We share same kinda temperament
from Anger to Smile; from Travel to Shopping, from Mood Swings to Loud
Laughter, from Cranky Bums to Sweet Bums. We are so same yet so different.

This girl Madhuri is one of the biggest fans
of Long Island Ice Tea. Am sure both of us wouldn’t even have imagined that we
could be this close as we are now. Late night chats, gossips that we do and also
who can handle some of my melo drama too even though she is younger to me. Both
of them handle me really well in any circumstances just as the skin handles the
temperature of the body!

 4 Sides|Divya, Deepa, Ashwini, Lavanya|Lungs!

My first job buddies, if not for these girls my first
job wouldn’t have been memorable. It was more like a college for us; we became closer
when there was more distance between us. We can spend whole night and day by
just talking and talking and only talking! Even though we don’t meet that
often, hope the distance holds our relationship even more strongly! I don’t
think I would laugh as much as I laugh with you girls and those memories still
brings a smile on my face; as good as the lungs that keeps sending oxygen to
heart to stay alive.        


If not for dance, wouldn’t have met this girl! All we
do is eat dance, talk dance, swim dance, drink dance. I meant, in the name of
dance all we do is talk or eat or about joining swimming. Along with this,
ofcourse we do dance as well. One of the best dancers I have known and who can
be a good teacher only to me J
Teacher not only in the terms of dance, with life too! When I eat with you, my
stomach is happy and when I dance with you my stomach is even more happier as
that is where I store all my happiness in!


At last, nevertheless none of my posts are
complete without talking about you. If not for you nothing would have started,
if not for you I wouldn’t be here writing this, if not for you there is no end
and it’s only beginnings; beautiful beginnings. I will surely find you someday
and fill in that space that is still empty. Until then and later, keep inspiring me!




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