Right Time Right Place!

Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, believe in one reason why it will!

While I was working on the first post is when I got this thought
to write about basketball on the next one, I don’t know why but I wanted to or
my heart wanted to! Wait, someone has told me that heart doesn’t think, it’s
just my mind then! This shoot was totally unplanned, I had to decide whether to
do it or no in just about few minutes. As it was unplanned I was little
impatient, thanks to Mohon for being so patient and handling such an impatient
me. Planned schedules have never worked for me, it is always unplanned which
has led to wonders. Wonders like me falling from 10 feet and still surviving without any broken bone.


Lush green ground, concrete floor came up in one of the
corners with two pillars on both sides. It’s the Basket Ball court; I have
always liked learning new things other than academics of course. I wanted to be
everywhere, dancing, singing, acting, sports. I could sneak into dancing, singing
and acting but sports was a tough one as I was a dwarf, myth to join any sport is
to be physically fit so I wasn’t allowed to play any sport. Every day I go to
the court and stand and start wondering when will I grow to reach the basket!
When will I grow! If those baskets had a life maybe they would have helped me
grow, Irony is whoever has life didn’t want me to grow so what would those baskets
understand.  They just kept staring at me
like I was staring at them, maybe they too wondered when will she grow!


Years passed and I even forgot that I once liked a sport and
never could play, the place where I work is where I spend more time than home,
when I figured out there is a basketball court here too, it took back to old
memories. All I could think was if those baskets were still wondering if I have
grown up or no! Those eyes that kept staring at me, I kept staring at them.
They were trying to say something every time I pass by, I just continued beaming
at it every time! The feelings that I couldn’t express, the truth that I didn’t
share, the pain still exists. Will I ever grow!


I see that twinkling smile in those eyes, are those inviting
me to reach you. Could see the eyes were connecting, you seem happy that I can
reach you now, I am happy that I can reach you now. But there is something that
is holding me back, I am afraid that I will try to reach you and fall.
Everything that I have tried to reach so far I have only fallen, I am afraid to
fall again but what if I fly! I could explain this only to you, like the bcc on
emails, you know who you are talking to, whoever receives know who they are
talking to but the rest of the world doesn’t.


I didn’t want to stop writing on this one; I would never want
to stop. This is not an end, just the beginning. While I was nervous, restless,
disturbed on how to stop just for now, summed up the above melodrama to this!

I was listening to music to get some inspiration to write,

Realized music is within us and around our sight!

Lub Dub noise of my heart and the Lub Dub noise of the bouncing ball,

I still fear that I will try to reach you and fall!

Tried to swing and was left with almost broken bum and hand,

I will still not give up, I will shine and stand!

You came as a sunshine while I was withering,

Even though I was stepped on, yet I am still blooming!

Dedicated to Lauren Hill who played for her college
basketball team as she battled an inoperable brain tumor, you are truly an
inspiration Lauren.

Dress: Wearhouse, Shoes: Decathlon, Earring: From a Friend!


Wild Flower


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