Black Crush!

What if I Fall! What if I Fly!


I was about 7 years old, there was an occasion in neighbor’s
house and the girl was all dressed up in a south Indian traditional attire. It
was about 9’o clock in the night and I started crying that I wanna be dressed
the same way. Mothers always would want to make their kid’s wish come true and
my Mummy did too; she got me dressed in the Silk Saree, Jewelry, Moggina
Jadai/Jadai/Pelli Jada(made with Jasmine flowers) which was heavier than me of
course. There were no personal cameras those days or we couldn’t afford one, we
went to the photo studio where the focus lights pass through Umbrella’s on
both sides, stand in the middle with colorful screens at the background which
can be changed as per your choice. Once all set Click, Click, Click and back
home with a happy face! Since then and till now, I still have the same
excitement to dress up!



There were a lot of people around me suggesting to start a
blog, I was very hesitant and never interested because this is not something
that I ever wanted to do (I have a list of goals that I need to achieve and
this was not even any close). Every day I go to the office, Sherly starts clicking pictures. On just one random day, I felt I need to start this and pinged
Sherly that the pictures you click are so nice I wanna start a blog now. She
said, really if you feel like, let’s do it. There was something pricking all the time that I need to start this, oh it’s called Intuition.


I had to decide what to wear, so whenever I am confused or
even if I am not the first thing ever comes to my mind is “Black”! Anything in
Black, ever ready to buy and wear anytime, anywhere! I had gifted this Black
Maxi dress to myself from Fashion and you to welcome 2015. A couple of days
before we decided to click pictures; I got this idea to mix gold jewelry
with the dress. Mummy was always fond of gold jewelry so thought would make her
happy by wearing them.


With all the obstacles of getting jewelry and rains on the
day when we decided to click pictures, we still didn’t want to give up. I have heard
if you really wish for anything, nature will support you and make your wishes
come true! Yes, it did happen, the rains, natural lighting and a dual
rainbow which I saw it for the very first time. Mothers always would want to
make their kid’s wish come true and my Mummy did too! The dual rainbow seemed like
two umbrellas on both sides, the sun seemed like focus light passing through
the rainbow, stand in the middle with colorful screens in the background. Once all
set Click, Click, Click and back home with a happy face! Who would have ever
imagined, right after 20 years, the same scene would repeat again.

Dress: Fashion and You, Jewelry: Mummy Dearest!


Wild Flower


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